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Business Office Team Building

Why is it so easy to work with some people and more challenging to work with others?Learn to work together more effectively with office team building services!

Develop a cohesive, high-functioning team that:

  • Makes better, more efficient decisions
  • Taps into the skills and talents of all team members
  • Trusts one another
  • Engages in healthy communication around differences of opinion
  • Focuses on achieving collective results and holds each other accountable
  • Has more fun at work!
team building consulting

The single greatest competitive advantage is teamwork.

David Black DDSWorking across industry lines with skills learned while leading a small business for 40+ years and additional communications certification, Dr. David Black offers business office team building services to help you improve communication, understand each other and grow in maturity and effectiveness.

Drawing upon “Everything DiSC” and “Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team” principles in his coaching and training programs, Dr. Black helps individuals understand behavioral styles and their effects on the climate of the business. From assessing personality style, tendencies and priorities to understanding what motivates and stresses team members, Dr. Black’s training programs help teams establish stronger bonds, deeper communication and a greater commitment to improved workplace culture.

  • In-Office Workshops
  • Team Building Retreats
  • Lunch ‘n Learn
  • Phone/Skype
  • Wiley DiSC Training
  • Wiley “The Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams” Training
  • Workshops: Coaching Leaders, Managers and Teams

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