Dentist Retirement Plan Consulting

Have you waited too long to have adequate retirement savings? 
Do you know how much you need to produce, collect, earn, and save? 
Do you know how to prepare your practice for sale?

Create YOUR Pinpoint Plan with the End in Sight!

Ten years ago, Dr. Black had a minimal retirement fund and no hope to retire soon. He had to formulate a dentist retirement plan and execute it quickly to reach his goal of retirement before age 70. In doing so, he increased the value of his practice, attracted a buyer, had 5-10 years to execute, and increased production and collections by 30% in the last five years.

Dr. Black provides practical answers to the hard questions that arise when developing a dentist retirement plan for the last years of practice.

Learn how Dr. Black’s Pinpoint Plan can work for you.

The Revelation:
Pinpoint the Problem
The Road:
Pinpoint the Need and Plan
The Result:
Pinpoint the Result

  • Learn what you need to do to accumulate enough to retire at your desired standard of living
  • Gain tips for saving early to avoid the end-game push
  • Learn how to determine what you need to produce, collect, earn and save
  • Receive a budget and income flow estimate
  • Understand how to prepare your practice for sale
  • Identify your retirement fund sources
  • Discover your two biggest assets

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