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Dental EQ: How Improving Your Emotional Intelligence Impacts Your Dental Practice

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“Let’s Get Along”, How Improving Your Emotional Intelligence Impacts Your Dental Practice

The seminar includes discussion of what exactly emotional intelligence is, the five skills necessary to be emotionally intelligent, examining your strengths and weaknesses and learning how to harness them productively, and developing strategies to manage how you act and react in challenging situations.

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How Improving Your Emotional Intelligence Impacts Your Dental Practice

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) burst onto the psychological world in the 1980’s, with the seminal work of Daniel Goleman in his book “Emotional Intelligence”.  Since then, many authors have delved into its effect on human behavior and how we act and react to each other.

DENTAL EQ, is a new look at application of the discoveries of these many authors to how improving your EQ will make a direct impact on the practice of dentistry and all the relationships that are necessary to become and stay successful as a dental practitioner.

Dentistry is both an art and a science.  Technical excellence is a pre-requisite to being successful, as is the ability to efficiently run a business.  These are baseline requirements that no one will dispute.

There is also a skill that usually separates the good practitioner from the “superstar” dentists.  This skill has to do with an exceptional ability to communicate with patient and staff, and what seems to be a sixth sense on what to say and how to act, to rise to a performance level that exceeds the normal dentist.

This sixth sense is what I call “Dental EQ”.  This book dives into the traits a person with high EQ has and improves as they recognize what these specific skills will help them be able to improve with practice.

The five traits of a person with high Dental EQ are: Knowing Yourself, Managing Your Emotions, Knowing Others, Managing Your Relationships, and Commitment.  Discovering how each of these traits affects every aspect of your life and profession will open new opportunities for you to improve all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Every dentist and every dental assistant and hygienist can benefit from reading this book and applying its lessons.  EQ can be improved by becoming MINDFUL of how you are feeling, how different situations affect your performance and interaction with others.  Improved EQ can drive your success by helping you work better with your clients and staff.  This book is one of the first to apply EQ to the practice of dentistry and how improving your DENTAL EQ will help you to become a “superstar” dentist instead of an average one.

The concepts of Dental EQ are simple, BUT they are not easy.  They take hard work and persistence, but it is worth the effort to become more Emotionally Intelligent.