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Pinpoint In-Office Consulting: Focused and On Target


Patients not accepting treatment plans/committing to what insurance covers?


Offering alternative treatment in order to ensure a “yes”?


Find yourself working more yet having trouble meeting overhead?

Pinpoint the right solution for YOUR office. 

Drawing from 40+ years of clinical experience practicing in a small suburban blue collar town – as well as Pankey-Dawson clinical training, Dr. Black offers dental office training that helps dentists and their teams gain increased profitability, patient standard of care and peace of mind through attention to key systems. He works to develop a custom solution for each individual office.

Among the top dental office consultants, Dr. Black can help your office improve systems across the board, from scheduling, personnel and delivery systems to communications and ways to get more patient flow. Training in leadership and improving office communications with personality, style, study and training.

  • Gain a system for creating lasting good impressions
  • Evaluate your present system of patient intake and exam
  • Learn a method of capturing the necessary information needed for comprehensive treatment planning
  • Develop skills for building trust between doctor and new patient
  • Determine the importance of the Art of the Close in treatment acceptance
  • Understand the essential role of the treatment coordinator, including mindset and skill set
  • Incorporate a written treatment acceptance plan
  • Learn how to utilize these principles to reactivate recall patients

Program is Ideally Suited for:
  • Solo and small partnerships with poor treatment acceptance
  • Practices that need to increase production
  • Associateships/junior doctors looking to improve skills

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Full or Partial Day In-Office | Hourly via Phone or Web