Dental Office Consulting Services

Customize a dental office consulting program that meets your needs! Choose from Dr. Black’s most popular programs below:

Dental Consulting

From initial phone call to discussion of treatment through closing the sale, each team member holds a vital role in ensuring a good first impression. Our dental office consulting services can help you incorporate time-tested tools and techniques into your practice to set yourself up for successful consultations and increased treatment acceptance and production.

Retirement Planning

Dr. Black provides practical answers to the hard questions that arise when planning for the last years of practice. Learn what you need to do to accumulate enough to retire at your desired standard of living and tips for avoiding the end game push. Learn how Dr. Black’s pinpoint plan can work for you.

Team Building

The single greatest competitive advantage is teamwork. From assessing personality style, tendencies and priorities to understanding what motivates and stresses team members, Dr. Black’s training programs help teams establish stronger bonds, deeper communication and a greater commitment to improved workplace culture.