How To Communicate With a Steady Personality Style

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Do you just want to get along, and do things in the same way that has worked for years? Many, many dental assistants feel the same way.

My antidotal findings are that there are a lot of dental assistants who are Steady style. Think about a Team. What are important things that a team need? They are the same things that the Steady style are drawn toward: Collaboration, Support of others, and Stability.

Is any team member resistant to changing a procedure or “the way we have been doing it for years”? That is because they like things to stay the same. They don’t like change. They like Stability, they like working in an environment where they know exactly what is expected of them. They work the same hours, get off at the same time, and they do the same procedure over and over.

That is what we all do most of our career, an MOD filling on #30, using the same instruments and the same material. We have it memorized.

As a general rule Steady’s are even-tempered, accommodating and patient. They normally will not seek praise and are good team members. One of their strong points is to support others and are eager to help you with your part of the job if it helps the team succeed.

If you have a problem, you will find them to be approachable and will have a positive outlook. They often will worry about others feelings and may seem to be overly cautious in making decisions. They may want to discover how something will effect everyone before making decisions. If you make decisions more quickly, they may seem to be resistant to change.

I have worked with a team that was primarily Steady style most of my career. It could be that since I am a more Driven type and I was the boss, they would just go along. My experience is that if I pushed too hard, the need for stability would result in passive aggressive behavior at times.

Do not underestimate a person’s need to stay in their comfort zone. This group can be the nicest, kindest, most cooperative group, until…. They aren’t, because you pushed them too far.

The good new is that this style is very well suited to be dental assistants because of their attributes. I think that many assistants are drawn to dentistry exactly because they have these attributes for teamwork, wanting to support others and work in a stable, friendly environment.

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