How to Communicate With an Influencer Personality Style

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HEY, LOOK AT ME!  Influencers want to be the center of attention, and to make friends with everyone.  They are lively and optimistic.  The best strategy with them is to be friendly and ask questions and listen, so that they will reveal what they want.

Is your boss enthusiastic all the time? Does she like to be the center of attention? Does he always buy the nicest clothes and dress to kill? Do you have to break in to long conversations so that you can dismiss the patient?

An Influencer has never met a stranger and will try to be a friend to everyone. This is great for building relationships and trust with patients, but if carried too far, will interfere with a productive operation.

Their Style enjoys an environment that is fast paced and high-energy and likes fun or exciting projects. It is important for you to reinforce their need to be well liked and appreciated. It will work well to praise them whenever it is appropriate.

The tendency an influencer has is to move quickly to solve problems, so you may need to understand this and adapt your approach so that you don’t get into conflict because you are more deliberate. Their main motivations are Action, Enthusiasm, and Collaboration.

They will be stressed by deadlines and having to be forceful to get their point across. They do not like to give negative feedback, and may not be direct in giving you clear expectations of what they want. They are more intuitive in their actions than fact driven.

For this reason, if they are your boss, you may have to ask repeatedly for specific expectations in your job, because they may be reluctant to give you negative feedback, even though they think you are not performing as they would like. This can manifest itself in a poor review that seems to come out of the blue because they have withheld criticism until it become intolerable. You may want to specifically ask for feedback periodically so that you are sure you are on the right track.

The good news about working with an Influencer is that they are upbeat and enthusiastic, likes to form strong relationships and values collaboration of the team. If you also are an Influencer, you may possibly have the friendliest office in town, you may know every fact about every client, but you are so busy talking, you never get any dentistry done.


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