How To Communicate With A Dominant Personality

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JUST GET ‘ER DONE.  Dominants are interested in direct communications with result-oriented actions.  They like to be in charge and are often strong-willed.

The best strategy with them is to come straight to the point and don’t try to be their best friend.   

Dominant personality style people are direct and strong-willed.  Is your doctor/employer that type personality?  Each of us have a 25% chance of being a Dominant, and a 75% chance of being something much different.

We all want to be respected and listened to, but if you have to have all day, one-on–one interaction with a Dominant personality, you have to adapt or perish.  They are not interested in debating or deep contemplation about the best way to get a task done.

If you are more reflective or analytical, or if you want to have a deep intimate discussion about your family while filling a tooth, you may have a problem.  This person wants to concentrate and finish the task, NOW.

Some of their strongest motivations are Action, Results, and Challenge, and often they are very enthusiastic and have a desire for accuracy.  They will judge you by your competence and common sense, will often be blunt and not think of how their words may hurt you.  Under pressure they may become very critical, impatient and demanding  of you and your work.  Does this sound like a dentist you know?

Common ways to survive working with a Dominant dentist are to identify their style and use the tools you have to communicate with them better.  This would include skipping the small talk and digging right in to business, explaining to them the benefits of a team effort, but focus on the bottom-line result, and learn to not take their bluntness personally.

When problem-solving with a Dominant do not emphasize the feelings involved at the expense of finding a solution.  Be willing to take a stand if you need to defend yourself.  You may be surprised that they admire your direct approach.  You also need to understand their directness is not necessarily a personal attack.  When negotiating be confident and objective without becoming emotional.

Also understand when any of us are attacked or challenged, we will be more engaged in our primal style even more than when things are going smoothly.  With a Dominant you have to learn when to swing and when to duck.  If the person is your boss, you are not usually coming from the position of power.  Be understanding, be direct, but be wise. Concentrate on tangible results, and you will be much more likely to have effective communications with the doctor.

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