How to Communicate With a Conscientious, Analytical Personality Style

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As dental professionals we deal with people and projects that take great analytical skills. Sometimes people with Analytical personalities present us with unique communication challenges. Here are a few tips on how to get along with your analytical co-workers.

This is a prevalent personality of many dentists and assistants. We, as a group, work in an environment that needs precision and instant analysis of ever changing conditions.  The priorities of an Analytical are Stability, Accuracy, and Challenge. As a general rule they can be more introverted than other styles and can be rejuvenated by quiet time or being alone, rather than having constant contact with people.

In a service profession, we are constantly with patients, so you may want to realize that the doctor needs to just go hide in their office for a few minutes to recharge their batteries. It may not be the best move to bust into the office to stimulate the doctor between patients. You might want to ask when they want interruption of their quiet time.

Since they don’t mind challenging other ideas, they may make you uncomfortable by being direct in their opposition to what you are doing or thinking. You will find they have little toleration for incompetence. You had better be on your game at all times, or you will hear about it.

You will also find that they are very logical, and want to think through the different possible solutions. You may have a tendency to move quickly, and you will get resistance if you move too quickly.

That is a tough combination: they want you to think through everything, do it exactly right, learn new things correctly, and execute in a way to get you good results. You had better be on your toes all the time.

The good news is that they like things to be stable, so if you convince them you can do the job, they will not want to change anything, including someone new in your position.


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