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Dr Black has three dental practice management courses available for the new skills every dentist needs now. Learning from failure and success in his 40+ years in the profession, Dr Black can share from the clinician’s point of view on these three essential skill sets that are needed to work more profitably, train and lead a cohesive and productive team, and finally end a successful career with a comfortable retirement.


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Watch Dr. Black at the SCN Speaker Showcase:

Partial List of Presentations:
  • Roanoke Valley Dental Association, Roanoke, VA (multiple)
  • Carilion Hospital Dental Residency Program, Roanoke, VA (multiple)
  • Piedmont Dental Society, (March 2017)
  • Southwest Virginia Dental Society,
    (April 2017)
  • Speak Up Presentation,
    SCN Annual Meeting,
    (June 2016 and 2017)

“Dental EQ” Available Now in Print and on Kindle

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) burst onto the psychological world in the 1980’s, with the seminal work of Daniel Goleman in his book “Emotional Intelligence”. Since then, many authors have delved into its effect on human behavior and how we act and react to each other.

DENTAL EQ, is a new look at application of the discoveries of these many authors to how improving your EQ will make a direct impact on the practice of dentistry and all the relationships that are necessary to become and stay successful as a dental practitioner.

Drawing from 40+ years of clinical experience practicing in a small suburban blue collar town – as well as Pankey-Dawson clinical training, Dr. David Black helps dentists and their teams increase profitability, patient standard of care and peace of mind through attention to key systems.

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“Before any doctor transitions out of their private practice they need to hear Dr. David Black’s captivating story.” —Ann C. Huffman, Executive Director Piedmont Dental Society

“Dr. Black is very eager to teach and brings with him many years of practical private practice knowledge to share with residents. He is very open to questions and discussions that range from clinical dentistry topics to practical dentistry topics. Dr. Black has always been very kind and has expressed a desire to help residents in any way that he can.” —Dr. David Brajdic, Director of Residency Program Carilion Clinic, Roanoke, VA

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Gain the key systems to increase profitability, patient standard of care, and peace of mind in your practice and retirement planning.

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Get your practice and team focused and on target for success now, and plan for retirement to ensure desired standard of living.

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Dr. David Black provides practical answers for the hard questions that arise in every dental practice.

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“Our office had a great time with Dr. Black and all emphasized how wonderful he was to have. He provided valuable insight in a way that connected with the team and helped them understand the need to analyze the way we do things. It was great to see everyone excited about implementing change that would benefit both the office and our patients’ experiences.“

—Josh Nelson, Managing Partner Blue Ridge Dental Group

Not in dentistry? Dr. Black’s team building programs are created for the dental and non-dental audiences. Learn more here